A short summary of what happened @ Lucky Break headquarters last year:




Release of Lucky Break Recordings 001

Break The Box "The Hell" ft "Ninelives The Cat Rmx"

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This one was really huge! The release and the label instantly got a lot of support from the scene and this was truly a great start for the label. It got feedback by THE Plump DJs and plays on Jay Cunning's show (several times), as well as by Jo Ransom (both Kiss FM) and many others.

And the reviews…. Oh my gosh! We were soooo happy:

“[The Hell]…is a great gambit for the new label…” Mixmag

“…a solid slab of party breaks for this new imprint.” M8

“I´m going to crank it up – you should too!” iDJ

We were even happier when the original version hit no. 6 in the Beatport Breaks Charts within one and a half weeks. The next very happy moment occurred three months later – this was when the vinyl release was sold out.





Jack Stat "The Spirit" ft "DJ Fixx Rmx"

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“The Spirit” was our debut under the alias Jack Stat and our tribute to the dubby and oldskool breaks we love so much. For the remix we picked one of our all time favourite producers DJ Fixx from the Big Apple. This remix had a huge impact and is definitely a piece of music you do not hear everyday. The release again enjoyed enormous support from some of the most talented people in breaks: Beat Assassins, Plump DJs, Flore, B-Phreak, Mulder and many more. Some of the reviews:

“…now that´s roof-raising!” iDJ

“Pure party starting bizzle all the way.” Knowledge

“Bringing some tasty reggae-influenced sounds and tactics.” ATM

“Let´s ´ave it! 7/8” M8





B-Phreak "Firecrack" ft "Plaza De Funk RMX"

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After the second release we already were blasted about all the love Lucky Break got from the people – and then came the Firecrack! B-Phreak accomplished a banger of a tune with his original, but Plaza De Funk's remix took the release to another level. Not only the list of supporters, incl. NAPT and Jay Cunning, overwhelmed us – also the queen of breaks Annie Nightingale played the tune about five times in her legendary BBC1 radio show! What more we could wish for? This review in ATM: “This German label racks up its third release and it´s fair to say that these guys are firing them out! We´ve heard that the mighty Shut Up And Dance are next in line for remix duties on a forthcoming release, which is unsurprising considering how well they have been selecting their remix artists so far.” Pure pleasure for us.





Jack Stat “Bombaman” ft. “Shut Up And Dance Hallelujay RMX”

& digital only: “The Hell Jack Stat Rmx” & “Firecrack Jack Stat Rmx”

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With the fourth release “Bombaman” Jack Stat delivered a huge dancefloor smasher! Even heavier was the “Hallelujay Remix” by the legendary Shut Up And Dance from London , who are deeply involved in the development of breakbeat music since the late 1980s now. We are very happy that the two visit Stuttgart regularly to play their legendary sets, and that they were willing to create this awesome rave hit. This one not only got support from the likes of Beat Assassins, Flore, Steelzawheelz, it also got played by Annie Nightingale, Jay Cunning, Breakonomics Show on Irish RTE and it even got a review by Rennie Pilgrem himself in iDJ magazine (getting 7/10 btw)!

Other reviews included Mixmag “Sing Hallelujah, it´s a master piece! 4/4” and ATM

“…a riot of crowd-hyping hugeness…”.

And Lucky Break expanded its release schedule and added two digital only tracks to the package: Here, Jack Stat took the opportunity to show their spectrum of sounds. The “Firecrack” remix was the first Jack Stat tune, which was played by Annie Nightingale. Great honour!





Vipercorps “Overclocked” ft “I.D. RMX”, “TRO RMX” & “Jack Stat RMX”

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Now it was time for Lucky Break to feature brand new talent “Vipercorps” from the UK and Canada . This funky breaks tune is all about pure party vibes and proved well that this duo is up for more. The highly talented and already massively successful producer I.D. took a different spin for the remix and a heavy, deep and brilliant bass explosion was created. Additional digital remixes came from Berlin 's own TRO and Jack Stat. All the mixes gained attention and support, e.g.: Elite Force, Beat Assassins, Shut Up And Dance, Hexadecimal, Baobinga, Jay Cunning, Richie Balboa and a whole bunch of other great people. As a bonus, Vipercorps now belong to the very few artists getting featured on Nightingales BBC1 show with their first release ever! It also got some proper reviews in ATM, DJ Mag, iDJ, Tillate and blogs from Spain , the UK , Italy , Germany ……


Wow, what a year for Lucky Break! But that is not enough: We also celebrated “5 Years Lucky Break Events” with a smashing set by PJ and Smiley and we are looking forward to serve you some more fresh sounds in future.




February 2010


Jack Stat ft Liz Melody “Chemistry” ft “Maelstrom RMX”, “Autodidakt RMX” & “Jack Stat DnB Edit”

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watch videos: Original Maelstrom Rmx

For the next release, we are presenting a whole spectrum of breakbeat music: It will feature a nuskool original, a booty-shaking Maelstrom remix, a futuristic Autodidakt remix and a drum´n´bass mix by ourselves. We also have a video for the original and the maelstrom mix each!


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